Our Ingredients

Oils, Extracts, and Botanical Waxes

Oils and Extracts

All of our coconut wax candles are blended with 100% pure essential oils and plant extracts sourced from natural, wildcrafted or organic growers and distillers. All of our CO2 extracts and essential oils are sourced from plants that were grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Any color in the wax is from the natural color of the essential oil. There are no synthetic fragrances, additives or dyes in our candles. We hand pour in small batches so that each botanical blend can be enjoyed at it’s highest potential.

Red Mandarin

Plant Part: fruit peel
Found in: Red Mandarin

Sweet Orange (Organic)

Plant Part: peel
Found in: Citrus Spice, Orange Creme

Bitter Orange

Plant Part: fruit peel
Found in: Red Mandarin

Lemon (Organic)

Plant Part: fruit peel
Found in: Lavender Lemonade, Vanilla Lemon, Woodlands

Ginger Root

Plant Part: root
Found in: White Pumpkin (seasonal)


Plant Part: seeds
Found in: Bourbon Cedar

Lemongrass (Organic)

Plant Part: leaves
Found in: Grassland

Fir Balsam (Organic)

Plant Part: needles
Found in: Woodlands


Plant Part: twigs & needles
Found in: Coastal Ridge, Woodland

Eucalyptus (Organic)

Plant Part: wood & leaves
Found in: Coastal Ridge

Peppermint (Organic)

Plant Part: whole plant
Found in:Coastal Ridge, Vanilla Mint

Rosemary (Organic)

Plant Part: whole plant
Found in: Desert Sage

Lavender (Wild)
Sage (Organic)

Plant Part: leaves
Found in: Desert Sage, Grassland


Plant Part: flower
Found in: Orange Blossom, Red Mandarin


Plant Part: bark
Found in: Citrus Spice

Cedarwood (Organic)

Source of Origin: USA
Plant Part: bark
Found in: Bourbon Cedar, Woodlands

Clove (Organic)

Plant Part: buds
Found in: Citrus Spice


Plant Part: berries
Found in: White Pumpkin (seasonal)

Vanilla (Organic)
Juniper Berry

Plant Part: berry
Found in: Nordic Pine


Pure botanical waxes sourced from fruits, grains and vegetables.

Coconut Wax

Source: Coconut & Vegetable
Found in: Aromatherapy candles

Rice Bran Wax

Food Grade, GMO-Free
Source: Rice Bran Oil
Found in: Tealights

Coconut Oil

Fair Trade, Organic
Source: Coconut fruit
Found in: Tealights


We use only the most sustainable wicking materials in our wicks.

Hemp Core

Chemical-free, GMO-Free
Cannabis Sativa
Found in: All Candles

Cotton Braid

Unbleached, Chemical-Free
Found in: All Candles